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Here in the South, pests are even more of problem than they are elsewhere in the United States. Florida, being at sea elevation, is prone to more pests than just about any other state. Brock Lawn and Pest Control has years of experience at servicing Bay County’s pest control needs. Your family’s protection is the Brock Family’s first concern.


Termite Pest Control
There are a variety of Termites. Each one is capable of damaging your Florida home.

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General Pests

Florida Pest Control
Our Pest Indentifier comes complete with details on the most common Florida pests.

Insect Info

Need Help Identifying a Pest?

Pests and Insects can be difficult to identify, especially in the home when they might be hiding. Let a professional exterminator inspect your home, and identify just what might be causing harm to your harm, or your family.

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