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Termite Season and Protecting the Home from Infestations

With termite season lasting from March through November, homeowners in the Florida areas will need to pay close attention to the potential damage that can be done to their homes. As they are traditionally called the silent destroyer, they can be hidden in secret places and thriving in numerous areas of the home and even in the yard. Unfortunately, when people are not active about making sure that there is no damage done, they may miss the immediate signs of damage that these little pests may cause.

It is important to note that all termites are known for eating cellulose-based plant materials so virtually everyone’s home can be a potential feast. Regardless to the construction type, many homes are targets for these kinds of infestations. Therefore, it is important for people to make sure that they are checking for signs and symptoms that they can correct before termite infestations spread.

Listed below is a list of termite pest control tips that a homeowner may want to follow in order to make sure that their home’s structure and grounds are protected at all times.

Tip #1 – Family members should eliminate any and all moisture problems

Tip #2 – Check the home for water leaks. If leaks are found in the home, they should be repaired quickly so that they will have no place that they are attracted to.

Tip #3 – Keep all of the gutters and the downspouts around the home clean.

Tip #4 – Keep the roof free of standing water.

Tip #5 – Clean up all stumps and debris and remove them from the home.

Tip #6 – Place screens securely on all of the outside vents.

Tip #7 – Look for signs of an infestation (i.e. temporary swarms of winged insects on the inside and on the outside of the home).

Homeowners should always be aware of termite season so that they can respond accordingly. Because it lasts from March through November each year, homeowners should look for signs and symptoms of an infestation, specifically during these times. To make sure these pests are not unnecessarily attracted to the home, the owners and their family members should make sure that they are repairing and cleaning up the affected areas so that they will not find places to hide and infest.