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Beat the Florida Summer Heat in Panama City Beach

Organic, lightweight, loose fitting, and light-colored clothing are the best trends to follow in Panama City Beach – they keep up the fun mood and also help you maintain your body heat. Drinking plenty of fluids is also advised to keep you well hydrated. Carry a refillable water bottle around to make sure that you remember to drink lots of water even when you are not thirsty. Cutting down on alcoholic beverages in the summer can be very healthy too; alcohol is notorious for dehydrating tissues.

Using air conditioning and fans in environments where you will spend the most of the time this summer is also a good idea. If not, it is best to stay in cooler areas every day between noon to 4:00 p.m.; you can use this time for a quiet nap, eating lunch, or watching a movie. If you are an active individual, you should cut down on strenuous activities during this time of the day.

There are some cool products available to help you stay cool such as thermal cool neck wraps, a fine spray bottle that you can use to spray mist on your face, umbrellas, and umbrella hats. You can also try changing your diet to include healthier foods that promote hydration to include soups, salads, and fruits. Frozen treats like ice cream and popsicles are perfect for staying cool during this season.

It is quite dangerous to stay in parked cars during the hot summer season. The heat inside a parked car can reach 135 degrees in ten minutes and has the potential to cause heat-related injuries or even death. Frequent showers and baths are a great cooling technique and the experience can be enjoyable in water parks and beaches. You can also have fun by having a water fight with others in your yard. It is also important to apply sun screen lotion generously after a bath to avoid sunburn.

Temperatures over 80 degrees with high humidity in Panama City Beach can be very hard to bear; even for long time residents of Florida. If your body does not cool itself sufficiently, adverse conditions can result such as a heat strokes, heat exhaustion, or heat stress. By following these tips, you can remain a sun enthusiast all summer long.