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Prepare Your Yard For Spring

We’ve all heard those stories about how the earth sleeps through the winter and awakens in the spring. You’re not going to look out your kitchen window someday and see your lawn staggering around with bleary eyes and “bed head”. But if you do some yard work now, a healthier, much better looking property will be rolling out of bed come spring.

For that beautiful, well rested lawn, as a Panama City Lawn Care company, we have some suggestions:

Most people wouldn’t leave the house with an uncombed head. It looks neater, it gets rid of built up and clogging old hair, and it might even reveal scalp problems. Pretend your lawn is a head, the rake is its comb, and start grooming!

Just as winter is hard on human skin pores, this season is hard on your lawn. Thatch from dead plant matter, and compressed earth prevent oxygen and water from reaching plant roots. Vigorous raking is vitally important for removing thatch, but aeration (pronounced “airy-ation”) is a little more complicated. Holes must penetrate your lawn’s surface, and in order for the aeration to be effective, these holes must be of a certain depth, diameter, and distance from one another. For severe cases of soil compaction, landscaping professionals such as a Panama City Lawn Care service should do this. And after aerating, they can fertilize the lawn as well. While experts suggest doing these procedures in both the spring and fall, in Florida, it’s important to attend to this in the spring.

Your shrubs want haircuts for spring! Trimming gets rid of dead branches, encourages new growth, and makes sure that a favorite shrub “style” stays in shape!

This technique involves a little more than just scattering grass seed on top of existing grass. Working with professional landscapers here can be especially helpful. The lawn should first be mowed, raked, thatch removed, and aeration performed. PH testing should then be done, and depending on test results, lime is added. Putting some additional compost on the lawn before adding seed can also be beneficial.

Spring In Florida Is Pure Bliss

The Florida panhandle is one of the most beautiful areas in the country. The sunshine is ample, the white sugary beaches go on for miles, and the water, it’s a vibrant emerald green. No matter what part of the Panhandle that one lives in one thing is for sure, the spring brings new life and a welcomed birth of a new season. Winter has been rough around the country this year, and it has even brought some unseasonable temperatures to Florida.

Spring will kick off this year with spring break in March and last through April. The beaches will be crowded with drinks flowing and plenty of games and activities. It’s a time when those from all over the country who have been stuck indoors can come out and experience all that Florida has to offer. One of the most spectacular sites around the Florida Panhandle is the miles and miles of picture perfect beach areas. While these areas are a big crowded during spring break, there is ample area to spread out and have a grand time after this time.

Besides the beaches, there is plenty else going on during springtime in Florida. Plants seem to come to life with a kiss of sunshine from Mother Nature. While the area is known for is immense amount of palm trees, there are other plants that thrive here too. Phlox loves to bloom between February and April and with it comes a fragrant bouquet of flowers. Also, the coreopsis is well respected and highly desires for the sunny yellow splash of color it gives landscapes. All these beautiful flowers have sweet nectar that is perfect for unwanted pests. Homeowner’s will do whatever possible to ensure their home is beautiful and bug free.

Living in Florida has many perks, but the hot and humid weather also brings some unwelcomed pests with it. Thankfully, Florida residents can count on the pest control service to ensure that their tropical utopia remains bug free. Because living in Florida is supposed to be about fun and sunshine, there is no reason to deal with unwelcomed vermin, we can control your pests both inside and out and ensure your spring and summer is spent outdoors and having fun.