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Keeping Fleas Down in the Summer

Summer is right around the corner, and this means that fleas will be breeding in the yards of Florida homeowners. Actually, fleas can breed almost anywhere and they can be quite an annoyance causing problems for both you and your pets. Flea pest control is definitely necessary in the summer months. The best way to deal with fleas is to get rid of them before they develop into a severe infestation. Three main ways to get rid of fleas are using insecticides, natural remedies, and pest control.

There are insecticides available that kill adult fleas. Usually, the best way to apply insecticides is to spray them directly from the can as opposed to using a hose and pesticide container. Sprays are best left to areas where no people or pets walk as they are poisonous and can harm both you or your pets.

The best flea pest control method without using poisonous insecticides is a natural remedy. This way, you or your pets won’t come in contact with harmful insecticide chemicals. One of the best ways to get rid of fleas naturally is using plain old table salt. Salt kills the flea eggs by drying them up. Sprinkle your floors and carpet with salt every three days as this is how often flea eggs hatch. After three days, vacuum up the salt along with the dead flea eggs. Do this constantly throughout the summer.

Using a professional pest control service may be necessary if you have tried other flea pest control methods but met with little success. Usually, a pest control service is used if the flea population cannot be controlled. In any case, you should first try other methods to get rid of the fleas before calling a professional service, as a professional service usually uses very strong harmful chemicals. This is something you should try to avoid.

There’s no doubt about it, fleas in the summer are a big problem in Florida. Depending on the severity of the infestation, you can either get rid of them by using an insecticide spray, salt, or using a professional pest control service.

Winter Pest Control prevents Spring problems

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Panama City Pest Control Inspector

The winter months should not be used to save money on pest control services, in fact, even though some pests like rats, ants and roaches, just to name a few, may adjust their living arrangements from outside your home to inside where it is warmer, it is just as important to keep the professionals at a Panama City Pest Control company close by.

You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to figure out that when the temperature drops everyone runs for cover, so don’t be surprised to find the ant and roach population on the inside of your home on the increase. One way to slow this process down is to inspect for cracks and have them closed up.

When the heat comes on inside the home it can act as an excellent incubator for rodents and other insects, which simply means that the environment is ripe for increasing families. Areas like walls and attics can make for very good hiding places and jumping off points for these creatures as they hide and wait it out through the colder months.

Inspections should be carried out on a regular basis as we look for signs of rodent and insect activity. These inspections will provide us with the usual tell tale signs that we are vulnerable to intruders. If we have a chimney or other opening in our home it should be sought out and properly secured to avoid facilitating the breeding of more pests.

Insect eggs like those belonging to spiders should be removed in an effort to break the cycle of a new batch of creepy crawlers, thereby reducing their attempt to repopulate for the warmer months. Cracks should be sealed, materials around the house that are damaged like wires or molding should be immediately repaired.

Residents should contact their Panama City Pest Control company and have a professional give their home a thorough examination, before any new arrivals appear. If any signs of new insect or rodent activity become evident, corrections can be made and the home can once again be secured. So don’t allow yourself to drop the ball, even in the winter, pests must be attended to.