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Florida Love Bugs

The Florida Love Bug is not the result of a Frankenstein type experiment in genetics by mad scientists. They are not a conspiracy either.These are natural insects that feed on mosquitoes and mall insects They began to migrate north from the Caribbean in the 1940’s and are found as far north as the Carolinas. They are not poisonous, just twice a year pests. They congregate to Florida and nearby States to mate in Spring and Summer for a short time. They’re temporary pests but if they impact on your car’s finish or get inside the house and die they do cause acidic stains on the cars and a bad smell in the house when they decay.

The bugs will congregate in swarms where cars drive past or park. They impact on windshields and bumpers and need to be cleaned off as soon as possible. If they get into the house they need to be removed before they decay and result in odor issues. You can’t do much about the cars but clean and wash. You can make sure the screen doors and windows on the house are in good condition and deny access.

There are natural ways to rid your property of these twice a year amorous pests. They involve mostly being prepared, having screens installed and accepting an increase in car wash bills. the insects are a fact of life in the South and are at least predictable. If they manage to infect the house or the nesting is unusually large, calling a professional pest removal company will provide a safe and quick resolution.

No one really likes dealing with swarms of any kind of insects but it’s comfortable to know that their time here is limited and their stay is a short but messy one.

The Florida Love Bug is a part of Florida’s culture, more or less and at least they come only twice a year.