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Gulf Coast Lawn Irrigation and Water Conservation

In the past few years, the entire country has seen droughts. The Gulf Coast has been no exception. All to often when it rains we hear “well, we needed it”, and in most cases, that is true.

Needless to say, this combined with the global concern for being more “green” has got homeowners thinking more about outdoor watering and their methods for doing so. One statistic says that landscape watering accounts for half of all water used during warm months.

There is much value in understanding your lawn irrigation system and knowing how it works, and how to manage it. If you don’t give attention to it, you could have high water bills, damage your lawn, and of course waste the valuable resource of water.

Here Are Some Lawn Watering Tips:

  • Take some time to review your lawn irrigation system.
  • Run the system thru it’s different zones, and settings.
  • Make sure plants are not blocking sprinkler heads.
  • Ensure water is reaching all the areas it needs to, and not reaching areas it should not.
  • Watering too much can cause damage, just as watering too little can.

Taking a little of your own time, and learning about your system can go a long way in keeping your lawn beautiful, and protecting the environment. However, if you are not comfortable doing this, call a professional to help you out.