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Most Common Grass for Florida Lawns and Why You May Consider It

Your lawn is important. It is the first thing people see when they come to your home and it is something that most homeowners strive hard to keep it taken care of. If you choose to plant the right type of grass you can make this task a lot easier to handle. Here are some of the most common types of grass for Florida lawns and why they are preferred by homeowners who want to have the best yard on their block.


Bermuda grass is able to withstand heavy traffic and it grows in a thick, uniform manner. It does require you to water it during the summer months when it is hot outside and if there is a drought. You must also fertilize it regularly to help it maintain its lush green color. It is a favorite among homeowners and golf courses all over Florida because it is such a pretty grass type. However, it is prone to army worms, mole crickets, as well as sod web worms which will have to be treated properly before they kill off areas of the grass.

St. Augustine

This type of grass is preferred by many because it grows in virtually any type of soil. When it grows, it gives yards a lush green yard that is thickly covered by grass. To plant it in your yard, you will simply need to use sod or plugs if there is already this type of grass in the yard. This type of grass does involve some care and requires homeowners to fertilize and keep their yard watered. You may also want someone to help you with Florda Lawn Care because this type of grass is susceptible to chinch bugs, which can be easily eliminated with proper treatment.


People in the Panhandle often prefer this type of grass because it grows well in the soil that is found there and it is able to handle the climate. In Southern Florida, centipede grass is too susceptible to Nematode damage unless you have someone help you with its care. During the spring when temperatures change, this type of grass may appear yellowish. As summer comes, it will be a lighter green than most lawns, but it is easier to take care of over other lawn types.


Zoysia grass is one that homeowners use if they live in a shady area. It grows in various soil types and it can still flourish if there are a lot of trees around your home. It resists weeds so that you will only have a beautiful green lawn. It is a dense grass type and it is a little slow to establish. Some homeowners prefer it because it does not require as much mowing as other types of lawns. However, if your area is prone to drought, know ahead of time that it has shallow roots which will be affected by a lack of rain. You will need to fertilize it frequently and it is prone to Nematode infestation and some diseases.


The great thing about Bahia is that it does well in sandy soil which is ideal for a majority of Florida. It is grown best by first planting sod and it will resist damage from droughts. The problem is, it needs full sun, light traffic, and no salt water exposure. There is also the risk that if you use the wrong type of herbicide it could kill your lawn. This means that Florida Lawn Care is very important for this type of grass.