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Stay Cool and Comfortable During Florida’s hot Summer Weather

In the summer, Florida’s scorching hot temperatures can be downright unbearable. Due to this, it can be even more difficult to keep your home cool. Taking extra precautions to keep your home cool is important, it assures us a place to get out of the scalding hot weather and saves us money on our electric bill. Here are some effective ways you can help keep your home cool during these hot summer days:

Cover Windows

One way you can help keep your home cool is by covering the west and east windows of your home by placing drapes and curtains over them for shade. Installing white or very light-colored mini-blinds can help more than you think. Mini-blinds are capable of reducing heat by 40-50 percent. Awnings added to windows will help as well. Hang bamboo shades over the outside of your windows to prevent up to 80% of heat from even getting to your windows. Keep your house sealed tight throughout hot days and as it cools down at night you can back down the air and ventilated mostly with cracked windows or fans. Making sure your windows and doors are sealed tight is important because not only will it keep the heat out, but it will help keep unwanted pests out as well.

A/C Maintenance

It’s very important to regularly clean your A/C filter, approximately once a month. Your A/C’s air flow can be reduced 1% each week with normal dust accumulation. When leaving your home for over an hour you should turn off your A/C. Providing some type of shade for your A/C will also improve it’s efficiency by up to 10%. Don’t use a dehumidifier while you’re using your A/C, it causes your A/C to work harder. Window fans can also be used to help keep the heat out. Window fans should be facing out the window on the downwind side of your home.

Others Helpful Tips

You should keep all interior doors open to allow air to flow through your home easily. It also helps keep your home cool by avoiding heat-activating activities such as baking or dishwashing until the evening. You could also look into a new technology called exotic infills. This technology fills the area between your windows with a cool gas that helps prevent excessive heat from entering your home.