Blog: Ants

December 8, 2015

Look for Pest Warnings Before Holiday Adorning

The Holiay Season is upon us… and so are bugs! Did you know that #Christmas and Holiday decorations can actually be transports for pests? Check out these tips from the National Pest Management Association before you deck the halls this Season. Look for Pest Warnings Before Holiday Adorning Holiday decorating can enhance a home’s aesthetics, […]

June 17, 2015

Fire Ant Fire Sale

In our area we see them all the time – Fire Ant mounds. You can treat them. But there is certain to be an inevitable return in your yard. Treat the mound again, and the cycle, or chase, continues. Seems nothing will keep them out, and keep your family protected. Did you know: Fire ants sting […]

July 15, 2014

Florida Carpenter Ants

The Florida carpenter ant is different than other carpenter ant subspecies mainly in appearance. The Florida carpenter ant is red in color while other species can vary from black to light brown. Although they are commonly a southern ant, carpenter ants range in areas that include the eastern United States in the black variety. In […]

April 16, 2013

Those Annoying Fire Ants

Fire ants are one of the major infestation problems facing families in the southern states of the U.S. as west as Texas and up to the Carolina’s. As one of the most persistent pests found in the U.S. building colonies of between 100,000 and 500,000 ants employing an ant pest control company with the knowledge […]

January 6, 2013

Sugar Ants, Not so Sweet

If you are a homeowner then you may have experienced pests such as roaches, rodents, and ants. Household pests can cause health problems, a lot of money, and can be an eyesore. You might have heard of Sugar Ants,the Sugar Ant is an ant with a large orange or brown body. Sugar Ants are not […]