What makes a pest control company qualified in Panama City, Florida?

Hiring a pest control company is something many people find themselves confronted with in their lifetime. And with the huge abundance of pest control companies, it can be hard to know which ones are qualified and which ones are not. When going through the hiring process, there are a few things you will need to take into consideration when figuring out if they are qualified enough to get the job done.

A qualified pest control company have liability and property damage insurance.
Florida’s state law requires that pesticide applicators that are commercial carry a surety bond or insurance. The qualified pest control company should be able to present proof of insurance when asked.

One of the things that makes a pest control company qualified is having the proper proof of licensing by the FDACS (Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services). As a consumer, take the time to ask for a license number and check with the FDAC to make sure the company is who they say they are.

Every qualified pest control company should have a phone listing and business address. If the company you are considering doesn’t have any of these, you might want to be leery. Many fly by night companies aren’t able to be found in business directories, and may only offer contact through their cell phone. Panama City, Florida pest control companies should have business telephone listings, as well as a physical location.

If the company you wish to hire is unwilling to put a bid in writing, you might want to avoid their services. Qualified pest control companies in Panama City, Florida will offer details pertaining to the terms and agreement in writing. They will also be willing to put on hard copy, the chemicals that will be used, what areas were treated, as well as warnings pertaining to the products. You should have clear access to the warranty and guarantee as well.

Always remember that every pest control company should perform a thorough inspection. Don’t except ball park bids when it comes to your service. Make sure that you are being offered a base price on the results of a well completed inspection.