What are the Most Common Spiders Found in Florida?

Spider Pest Control

Spider Pest Control

Even the thought of spiders sends chills up the spines of some folks. Here in Florida, homeowners are accustomed to seeing the 8 legged wonders of nature. Despite the fact that these little critters are known for feasting on insects, which helps to keep the insect populations down, it is not fun to find them. During certain times of the year when the insect population is at its highest, spiders are more prevalent in your area. There are several thousands of spider species, the most common Florida spiders seen are known for their bites. Hiring a professional to help with your spider pest control is advisable. Most spiders are not harmful, with the help of professional spider pest control specialists, they will identify the spiders in your home, and help with eliminating and controlling them.

Three of the most common Florida spiders are the Black Widow, the Recluse and the Wolf spider. Most spiders are not aggressive and will only bite if provoked. You can easily identify spiders by their markings.

Black Widow

Found throughout the United States, the Black Widow spider is quite prevalent in the southern states such as Florida due to the fact they love hot weather. They are known for the distinct red markings on the underside of their stomach. It is either in the shape of an hourglass or 2 triangles. These spiders are usually found hanging upside down, so these marking are easily seen. Their webs are usually found near the ground, under lawn furniture or window ledges.

The poison in a Black Widow spider’s venom is poisonous to humans and their bite is extremely dangerous for children and the elderly. This spider’s poison is 10 times more powerful than the rattlesnake’s bite. The symptoms can last for 12 hours to several days. Several other symptoms include cramping, rigidity of the abdominal muscles, difficulty breathing, headache, along with increased salivation, sweating and nauseas and vomiting. If bitten, it’s advisable to seek medical care.

Recluse Spider

The Recluse can be found in the southern states between Texas and Florida. They are the size of a little fingernail or the size of a dime approximately ½ inch with long skinny legs. Found usually in areas that are left undisturbed in attics, barns, or basements. You can tell if a spider is a recluse spider by the classic marking on its back in the shape of a violin.

Unless provoked, the recluse spider does not usually bite. Their bites are not usually noticeable until symptoms arise. The bite of the recluse may become red and fade away, yet in a few rare cases the tissues develop necrosis-causing damage to the skin. If the skin is damaged, medical care should be sought immediately.

Wolf Spider

The most common spiders, the Wolf spider is many times confused with a tarantula when spotted around the home. The wolf spider can grow to approximately a half inch to two inches in diameter. A larger wolf spider not only appears as large as some tarantulas, but also has similar features. They have long hair with brown colored bodies with a striped pattern. Wolf spiders are nocturnal and see extremely well at night. Known as the ground spider or the hunter spider, these spiders are not usually web weavers. They are quick and can be seen running along the ground at night.

The Wolf Spider’s bite is not lethal but it may be very painful. It may also cause an allergic reaction in some people and seeking medical advice is suggested when anyone has been bitten. Most of the time a wolf spider will run from you, but it is still important to remain cautious when around them.

Seeking an expert help is necessary when you find the spider population growing. They have the proper equipment and chemicals to safely remove spiders from your home. If you have small children or are caring for older relatives, it is suggested that you keep your home free from spiders. Common Florida spiders are usually harmless but if you spot a Black Widow, Recluse, or Wolf spider call a professional to help. These particular spiders should be handled with caution.