DIY Pest Control, a Good Idea?

DIY Pest Control Panama City

DIY Pest Control, Worth it?

Owning a home can be a source of great satisfaction in life but there are lots of things to consider. How’s your garage looking and how are your pipes? Is there anything leaking that ought not to be and how will you potty train your dog while keeping your carpet intact. So many things to consider and yet there’s one more thing to keep in mind: pest control. How do you keep the raccoons, ants, and aphids of Panama City, FL at bay?

Pest control comes in a variety of forms to suit your respective pests and are not all created equally. Some pests are bigger than your pets and some are smaller than you can even see. All of these pests are built differently and react to different chemicals and applications, so it would make sense that a “cure-all” doesn’t really exist. For the same reason, DIY pest control might not be the bargain you think it is.

Proper pest control deals with a number of things, but the central concerns remain constant. First, identify the pest: is it really what you think it is or are you trusting your best guess? Second, what type of product will you use? There are many different brands trying to sell the same thing with subtle differences. How do you know which one will work? Third, how much product will you apply? Too much or too little won’t get the job done. Incorrect application, and overdosing your yard or house can lead to health problems for you, your pets and your plants.

Our staff are trained in these three key areas to always get the job done right. Identifying the source of the problem is key in any instance, and our technicians are qualified to correctly identify what pest you’re dealing with. We use tested and trusted products that are proven to wipe out your pests. Applying the correct applications takes a skillful approach that our technicians take the time to learn. Don’t make harmful mistakes with DIY pest control, get it right the first time.