Pesky Florida Summer Lawn Bugs

Summer Florida Bugs

Bugs can Ruin a Summer Day Fast

We all love to spend time outdoors during the summer. Unfortunately, so do the bugs.

Even the most beautiful, manicured lawn can have a variety of pests hiding in the grass. If you’re living in Florida the following lists some of the bugs you might find and how to effectively deal with them.

Chinch Bugs

Chinch bugs have black bodies, silvery wings, and antennas. These annoying pests suck out plant juices and can leave a lawn looking yellow and brown. These bugs are particularly menacing to St. Augustine grass. One way to keep Chinch bugs under control is to water the lawn infrequently yet deeply. If, however, your lawn is so infested with Chinch bugs that it looks like a drought hit, it may be time to call a lawn pest control specialist.


These insects have small, round bodies that come in a variety of colors. They are sometimes called plant lice. Aphids excrete a sticky substance that can cause a variety of damage including attracting ants and forming a moldy buildup on certain plants. These bugs are often found around ornamental plants. Even the most beautiful lawn is susceptible to Aphids. Aphids are not only a problem themselves, but tend to attract ants and wasps because of the sticky substance they produce. For this reason a lawn pest control specialist should probably be called in to eliminate these bugs.


Super-sized mosquitoes called gallinippers have arrived in Florida this season. These quarter-sized insects can cause disruption to every backyard party and barbeque. Keeping yourself adequately covered and using bug spray with DEET will help. Even though these giant bloodsuckers don’t carry diseases that are harmful to people they are large enough to bite through certain types of clothing. Homeowners should check their lawn for any pools of standing water. Eliminating stagnant water can stop the breeding cycle of these and other types of mosquitoes. If your yard is being inundated with gallinippers it may require professional pest control to rid your lawn of these mosquitoes.