Lawn Care and Palm Trees in Florida

Florida’s climate is ideal for yard layouts with lush green lawns and unique, tropical palm trees. Florida lawn care must take into account the health of the trees along with the health of the lawn. Taking care of both your lawn and your trees will result in the healthiest yard possible. The healthier the trees and grasses are the longer your trees will live and the more lush your lawn will be.

Some Great Palm Trees for Your Yard
The Coconut Palm: This palm tree grows to be 80 feet tall and 30 feed wide so it is ideal for folks with a lot of space in their yard. One of the greatest benefits of this type of palm tree is that it produces coconuts.

The Triangle Palm: This palm tree is unique in that its branches form the shape of a triangle at the base of the tree. It is also called the Dypsis decaryi palm. This is a unique palm with yellow and green flowers.

Alexander Palm: The Alexander Palm is a smaller and more pleasant looking palm tree with a light colored trunk and dark green foliage which branches out somewhat haphazardly. It grows to be 20 feet tall and 10 feet wide making it ideal for a smaller yard. You can plant several of them in larger yards to create a nice visual effect.

Taking Care of Your Lawn and Palm Trees
Florida lawn care and yard care requires maintenance including cutting the grass with a mower regularly and taking care of your palm trees by fertilizing them when they need it and watering in times of less rainfall. Palm trees are known for being able to live with a minimum of water but your grass will need to be watered somewhat regularly in times of less rain.

Palm trees live to be anywhere from 80-120 years old so you’ll have your palm for quite some time with not much maintenance required for the palm. Florida lawn care requires more work but having a beautiful lawn is worth the work whether it is done by the owner or by a lawn care company.