Spring Serenity

NW Florida Spring Lawns

NW Florida Spring Lawns

Springtime in the Florida Panhandle is nearly perfect having both comfortable temperatures at a high of low 70’s to low 80’s in the daytime and low 50’s to low 60’s after sunset along the coast. Inland, closer to Tallahassee, it is about 5 degrees warmer both night and day.

Springtime is the ideal time for a family to understand what the world was like before civilization. If you are in the panhandle, you are not far from the Apalachicola National Forest. It is the most wonderful time to explore and appreciate a world with no high rise buildings, shopping malls or fast food outlets.

The Florida Panhandle is defined to the east by the Suwanee River which is one of many waterways nourishing the Apalachicola National Forest. There are expansive prairies of wiregrass dotted with wildflowers in different colors in their springtime bloom. Sundews, orchids and titi thickets are rare and special blooms only to be found in the springtime, in the forest.

Away from the prairie and closer to the water, the moss draped oaks and magnolias trees invite you deeper into the forest. Approaching the water, the moss on the cypress and tupelo gum trees drape and connect all things vertical in a shadowy gossamer curtain. Everywhere, the red-cockaded woodpeckers are pecking away at the longleaf pine and emitting a noisy and vibrant sound. Springtime in the forest of the Florida Panhandle is unequaled in beauty. Unlike summer, it is cool enough in temperature to enjoy for long periods of time.

Canoes and kayaks are a special way to quietly appreciate the waterways of the Florida Panhandle in the springtime. If you have no boat, that is fine too. The important thing is to get away from commercial development and highway noise and go deep into the forest to really appreciate the beauty and splendor of the Florida Panhandle in the spring.