Florida Pest Control and the Most Common Roaches

For many of you who live in the Sunshine State, you already know that Florida roaches are more than an occasional problem.

The huge variety, size and particular nuances of each specie makes them serious contenders for living space in Florida. Consequently, enter the need for a qualified professional pest extermination program.

Effective roach pest control may consist of several needed factors to be in place such as keeping a clean residence free of food remains, cluttered areas, and yes, even one’s paper grocery bags and cardboard box containers.

However, Florida residents are very aware that this is only the beginning – these critters are stubborn, love to take over and know no end to breeding habits.

Some of the most common roach breeds known to roach pest control companies are: the American, the Australian and the long, brown, skinny German roach.

Then, of course, there is the most intimidating roach of all, the mighty Palmetto bug. Palmetto bugs are huge, sometimes the length of one’s forefinger. They have a propensity to quickly damage and devour food supplies, books/book covers and fabric materials. They are also the cause of spreading many diseases.

For many people, the worse part of all is that Palmettos have an irresistible urge to fly right on top of your head, bosom or wherever else they can land on; moreover, they run fast and don’t mind coming at you faster than you can get out of the way. They especially love the Florida warm weather and, as the State has a lack of really cold spells, this makes Florida living particularly tailored for the sub-tropical Palmettos.

All species of roaches breed fast and any home/business may be subject to an unseen infestation behind its very walls. Commonly, roaches love the outdoors and especially hide where where there are woodpiles and backyard clutter/junk. They also love the banana plants, palms and palmetto trees. Inside the house, they usually gravitate to the kitchen for food and the bathroom/washroom areas for drinking water from leaking pipes/faucets.

In Florida, it is primordial having a professional roach pest control technician come out to the property. They know every nook and cranny of hiding places and will effectively spray baseboards, door frames, closets, behind/between major appliances and especially behind kitchen cabinets where homeowners usually can’t get to with their little spray cans.

Simply put, it will take a regularly scheduled visit by a skilled and well trained pest extermination specialist to put an end to the roach problem and keep it from re-surfacing at a later time.