Do DIY Pest Control Traps Work?

DIY Pest Control

DIY Pest Control might work sometimes…

Pests are a difficult problem to eliminate. In most situations, the problem is deeper than what’s seen on the surface. Using strategic planning, it is possible to build a reliable do-it-yourself pest control trap.

However, depending on the size of the infestation, the do-it-yourself trap may not be effective in controlling the problem. For example, outlining the inside of a jar with Vaseline and placing a small amount of food on the inside is a cheap roach/cockroach trap. As they climb inside the jar to get the food, the Vaseline will make it difficult for them to climb back out. Because roaches are quick breeders, this method will not destroy any egg sacs left. A few weeks later you will be faced with the same problem.

Hiring a professional will eliminate the problem at a greater rate. They have the tools and technology needed to reach into well hidden areas to destroy the bugs, their egg sacs and a home the bugs may have built. A licensed professional also has access to industrial strength, environmental-friendly chemicals a non-licensed person should not be handling. Having the ability to find the root of the problem, a professional will formulate a plan eliminating the need for repeat service.

Also, using a professional you do not having to take valuable time away from your workday to deal with pests. A reputable pest control company has the ability to discreetly do their job around your schedule. Financially speaking, hiring a professional costs more than a do-it-yourself job, but it’s worth the cost. Besides getting the job done, their work is guaranteed.

Other common pests such as termites, bees, spiders and especially wasps should only be handled by a professional company. They will have the equipment to safely remove and in some cases relocate the pests. For example, removing a wasp’s nest is not enough to get rid of them. They have been known to migrate to the same area for several seasons. In order to get rid of them you must carefully remove their scent making the area unattractive.