Defending the Home Front When a Roach is Discovered

Few things can shock a homeowner more than the discovery of a cock roach and unfortunately, one is nearly always an indication of a larger problem.

Although these creepy-crawlers may prefer an unkempt home more favorable, they can show up and take over in the cleanest of environments. No matter how they arrived on your doorstep, you need the roaches gone quickly. Despite the most valiant efforts of the do-it-yourself types, professional assistance is often the only way to completely eradicate the problem of cock roaches in the home.

First, determine the extent of your potential roach catastrophe. Wait at least a half an hour after all noise and activity have ceased in your house and turn the main light in your kitchen on. If you see a few scattering roaches, your problem is obvious. Should you not see any yet still suspect the presence of cock roaches in your home, look for telltale signs like fecal traces or egg sacs. The excrement resembles specks of pepper and the egg remnant are tiny rectangular objects usually a light to dark brown color.

Once the extent of your roach problem is known, action must be taken quickly. Choosing to attack the problem yourself may yield successful results, however; the most effective methods are available only to licensed exterminators. Cock roaches have survived for thousands of years and are difficult to kill without threatening the human and animal occupants of a home. The main problem with most products available to consumers is that they may not eradicate all of the bugs at once and even one or two remaining critters can repopulate your home in a matter of days. It is, therefore, essential that any foggers, traps and other solutions be followed up with vigilant monitoring.

Unfortunately, the average consumer doesn’t stand much of a chance against the formidable cock roach; these bugs embed themselves into hidden areas where they are difficult to detect or reach. Given the potential health hazards these creatures pose to a family, as well as the possible toxicity of do-it-yourself products which usually miss the mark, there’s nothing like the peace of mind an exterminator can provide.