How to Protect your Plants from Chilly Weather

There are a few kinds of plant injuries that can happen to your plants when they are not kept warm during winter.

Sometimes plants can dry out, turn black or brown, and get mushy. After awhile this makes the plant look like it’s been burned. Another injury a plant can sustain from the cold is desiccation. This happens when cold winds dehydrate the plants and cause the leaves to dry up and turn brown. Yet another type of plant damage can appear when water in the stem and branches freezes and then thaws out quickly the next day. This causes the stems, branches, and wood to split and eventually causes cracks to appear.

We all value our plant life. They reduce stress and add to the appeal of our homes and gardens. We want to do what we can to protect them, and there are a couple of different ways we can go about doing that.

Make sure the plant is suited to the area and location it will be planted in. You need to make sure that it will be able to handle the temperature extremes of the environment where it will be planted. There are guides and zone maps for this that are available in many home improvement stores and plant nurseries as well as on the internet. If you have the package the seed for the plant came in, it might have this information printed on it as well. Additionally, planting certain plants up in higher places will help to prevent the plant from freezing, as cold air lingers toward the ground.

Providing shade or cover for the tree or plant may help to prevent any injuries to the plant during the colder months. You can use a couple of different things to accomplish this task. Using a cloth or a plastic sheet is an excellent idea. Just make sure that you cover every part of the plant from the bottom to the top in order for this to work. You also need to make sure that you remove the covering from the plant in the morning, and that the covers are raised above the plant. Additionally, completely covering the plant with a cardboard box is a very good idea.

Another thing to consider is keeping your plants well watered and fed. This will also help to keep your plants from freezing when the weather gets cold.