Increase Your Pest Control for Fall

As the weather gets cooler, the bugs seem to have gone away…or have they…

Oh don’t you be fooled, the bugs are still there, and many are still active. In fact, they might be seeking the warmth of your cozy little home. The National Pest Management Association says that attics for example, are one of the most commonly overlooked areas when “pest proofing” your home. So we encourage you to start there.

Here are some DIY Tips to help keep the pests out of your home this Fall:

  • Ensure your attics and basements are dry.
  • Keep anything in storage protected with plastic. This deters bugs from making nests.
  • Do some tree trimming. Make sure no branches or shrubs are touching the house.
  • Check your home for any root or damage caused by the summer storms.

The above is not just a one-time checklist. In order to keep your home pest free, a regular routine of pest prevention is necessary. If you combine these DIY procedures with that of a Professional Pest Control Company, you will be well on your way to a Pest Free Home!