Don’t Let Them Fool You: Bugs Are Still About In The Fall

Fall Pest ControlNow that fall is here and the weather is turning cooler the thoughts of many homeowners turns to the holidays.

Given the economy, many people start looking for ways to save a little money to spend on Christmas presents. One of the most popular ways to cut costs in the fall is to cut pest control. Many homeowners believe that with the cooler weather bugs die or go into hibernation until spring. However, bugs do not just go away in cold weather but instead look for warm, dry places to spend the fall and winter. Some insects will look for places in your home such as an attic or basement, as these are usually warm and dry and a good place for them to spend the winter. Other insects like termites and ants tend to gather just below the frost line to reappear in devastating numbers in the spring.

If you live in a warmer climate such as Florida or other southern states than you may notice that some bugs seem to multiply. This is because some insects migrate to warmer climates during the fall and winter. Bees are active all year long and although they do huddle together to keep warm they will sting if they are bothered. Ants are the same in the south. They tend to burrow under the frost line but since it is warm are usually still active even into the winter months and in cases of extreme cold weather can migrate and set up residence in your home. This is especially true for the destructive wood eating ant: the carpenter ant. They can live inside your walls where it is warm enough for them and will do as much if not more damage to your home than termites will in the fall.

As much as we may like to think bugs are gone in cold weather, they are still around and sometimes in closer proximity than we realize. That is why it is important that homeowners keep up their pest control routines throughout the winter. Even if bugs are hibernating below ground for the winter and fall, they are still breeding and keeping them in control will prevent major problems and infestations when warmer weather returns. It is imperative that homeowners keep their pest control going to keep a buffer around the house so bugs do not enter. It is safe to say that even in the fall bugs are still around and looking for any way they can to get warm and stay warm for the winter.