Lawn Care in Fall for Spring

Spring Lawn Care

Fertilizing is Key.

Everyone loves the early fall here in the Panhandle of Florida. The weather becomes mild, but still warm enough to work comfortably in the yard.

That is a good thing, because doing some lawn care in the Fall can ensure when Spring rolls around, your yard will look wonderful.

First things first…
You will want to rake up the thatch or old dead grass embedded in the ground. Nutrients can then reach directly to the the soil.

For several weeks, water the lawn well so the ground is nice and soft. This stimulates root growth.

Fertilize or spread a light layer of compost over the lawn. This is in preparation for reseeding.

Weather you will be planing winter rye or another type of grass, reseeding ensures your lawn looks vibrant and encourages new growth. Follow the directions on the seed you have purchased.

Water Again.
You will want to water until the seed germinates. This can take up to 2 weeks. You can then cut back on your watering as you enter the winter.

Brock Pest Control is an expert in Lawn Care and keeping it beautiful and pest free so you can enjoy it. We hope you have a great Fall!