Get Ready for Fall 2012

Can you believe Fall is just around the corner already?

The official first day of Autumn is September 22nd for 2012. Where did the Summer go! You know that Fall brings a very different feel compared to the last few months of Summer, especially here in NW Florida. There is a softness in the air that is pleasant and kind, but honestly this season can be a bit gloomy and depressing, right?

Why? Well for most of the Gulf Coast, the crowds die down, many local businesses begin to close for the season and we just don’t have as much going on in our lives to distract us. We care about our community and life here in Florida, so we put together a few ways to get ready for Fall that you might find helpful.

Ways to get ready for Fall Mentally and Physically:

Make it Cheerful
As mentioned Fall can sometimes be the gloomy time of year, the calmness after all the Summer fun. Try some bright additions to the inside of your home to keep things cheerful. Flowers are still generally available for purchase, and add that splash of color that will keep things feeling fresh and new.

Make it Comfortable
One way is by making sure the air is fresh and clean inside your home. You could be spending a lot more time inside, so consider some indoor plants and air cleaners for the inside of your home.

Make it Social
Socializing can fight of depression and stress. Take advantage of the weather and sit outside with friends enjoying a cup of coffee. Plan some family activities or take some walks at some of our local state parks.

Fall is a wonderful time of year, and allows opportunities for many good times. At Brock Pest Control, we care about your happiness and well being, and are happy to enjoy this wonderful season with you!

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