Your Beloved Pets and their Pests

As much as we love our four legged friends, so do fleas. Especially during summer months can fleas and pest control be a big problem for Fido. Once outside, fleas jump on our pets and then come right through the door to our living space. Fleas are not just irritating, but can spread disease, so eliminating them is a must. Though it may sometimes seem impossible to control these tiny, jumping irritants, it can be done. Here are some tips to keeping your flea population to a minimum this summer.

Clean Yard
Flea populations are most prevalent in coastal, humid areas with high temperatures, just like our Northwest Florida environment. Fleas love to make their home in shaded, protected areas like crawl spaces under homes and vegetated areas near your home. Left untreated, these pesky little crawlies will make their way onto your pets and into your home. Walking through these areas wearing white will reveal just how crowded the flea population is around your home. Having your yard sprayed regularly is your first line of defense.

Clean Pets
Now that your yard is treated, time to treat Fido. There are many reliable flea control products on the market today, including sprays, spot-on treatments and pills. Various types of treatment are designed to control fleas in various ways. Consult your pet’s vet for the best treatment available. In addition to direct contact treatment, be sure to change your pet’s bedding often. Remember, regular treatment is essential for a flea free furry friend!

Clean House
Now that your pet is adequately treated, you must also treat your home. In carpeted homes, vacuuming thoroughly can remove up to 30% of flea larvae and 60% of flea eggs. Thorough vacuuming includes under furniture, on sofa and chair cushions, beds and even walls. While treating a flea problem, you will need to change your vacuum cleaner bags at least once a week.

While home remedies may be popular, they have not been found to be effective. You’ll need to call the pros to eliminate the flea circus in your home!

Once you’ve taken a few important steps at flea control you can relax and enjoy a fun-filled summer with Fido!