Unwanted Guests at the Office

Cockroach ExterminatorWhile at work, you open a desk drawer and reach for an important file only to find evidence that something has been chewing on the binder. Completely annoyed you look into the drawer to find, to your disgust, droppings. Not just any droppings, but rather substantial in size. First thought, this is definitely a mouse. Set up the mouse trap and wait a few days…nothing happens. A few more days later, you open the same drawer only to see a giant cockroach running for cover. Do cockroaches really chew on things and leave such noticeable droppings? Yes they do.

These intruders give us the creeps. Mental images of roaches crawling all over your desktop, falling from the ceiling and landing on your head or taking a hike through your lunch pop into your head. No one wants that! And for good reason because these fast moving little buggers can be a threat to our health.

Cockroaches effectively transmit a host of diseases. They do this by means of various bacteria, potozoa and viruses they carry on their legs and bodies. In fact, the principal infection caused by cockroaches are various forms of food poison, dysentery and diarrhea. In addition to that health threat, cockroaches and their byproducts have been found to be an unwanted indoor allergen. This is especially dangerous when asthmatic children are exposed to large numbers of cockroaches.

Obviously, we don’t want these guys around, at the office or at home. Some ways to control this pest infestation include stopping up any open spaces in our office or home. Make sure you caulk all holes and gaps around doors and windows. The door should be sealed as this is a popular way for cockroaches to enter a building. Imagine that, they walk right through the door!

Cockroaches love to snack as much as you do, so keep your crumbs off your desk. Cockroaches don’t just munch on important files, they really love food too, so make sure you wipe away the bagel crumbs from your morning snack.

When you see evidence of cockroaches, or if you see one traipsing all over your work space or home, call the cockroach exterminator! The pros can alleviate your fears and worries with their arsenal of cockroach killers. Now get back to work!