Preventing Ants in your Home

Prevent Ants in Your HomeWhat is one of the most common household pests? Ants! Yes, these unique little creations can be a big pain.

If you have an ant problem, one of the first things you need to do is determine what species of ant you might be dealing with. When you know this, it can help determine where their nest might be, what food they like and how best to treat the infestation.

As you might now, targeting the nest is often the most effective, particularly in killing the queens. If you need help determining what type of ant you might have, try our Insect Guide.

Take Steps to Prevent Ants from Getting In

You can do some basic things to prevent or discourage ants from coming in your home. Try to store your food so that it is sealed and inaccessible to insects. Food is often times what attracts ants the most, so cleaning all kitchen surfaces regularly can help.

Remember, Ants are mostly likely entering the home from the outside. So try to determine entry points that could be sealed or caulked. As a professional pest control company, it is often our experience that some basic prevention can go a long way.

If you are not comfortable handling your ant issues on your own, refer to a professional pest control company.