Bed Bugs in 2012

Bed Bugs don’t seem to be getting that much press lately, so it leaves one to wonder if there is still a major problem with them?

Brock Pest has gathered some of the latest information on Bed Bug statistics for 2012.

The good news is that some have reported that the Bed Bug epidemic has died down in New York City, which was known to be the worst of all cities for bed bug infestations. However, you may have noticed that we had a very mild winter this year, which has allowed many species of bugs to flourish. This means we could see some worsening results in bed bug reports and infestations all over the country.

According to another recent report, the top worst cities for bed bug infestations at the end of 2011 where Cincinnati, Chicago, Denver, Detroit and Los Angeles. We are glad there are no Florida cities on the list, but remember, Floridians like to travel, and people like to travel to Florida. Bed bugs are avid travelers as well. They hitch rides whenever they can.

So basically, bed bugs are still a very real threat, and cannot be exterminated by DIY methods. To safely and effectively eliminate a bed bug infestation, please call a professional.