DIY VS Professional

In the tight economy saving money is on the mind of all Americans. Even when considering pest control, many opt in for DIY solutions. Of course there is a difference between DIY pest control and a professional, just like anything else. But,how do the two really differ, and how does it affect you?


Cost: The cost is typically much lower than opting for a professional pest control company.

Easy: Many DIY solutions are fairly easy. Simply go to the store, and get what you need and apply on your time table.

Information: Instructions are generally very easy to follow and are listed clearly on the label.

Effectiveness: For small bug infestations, store extermination chemicals can be somewhat effective. Larger infestations require more commercial grade chemicals and more experience in applying.

Warranties: Yes, you can sometimes return products, but that will still leave you with your infestation if it was not effective.

A Professional:

Cost: The initial cost here is higher than DIY. Though the effectiveness is much higher, so this would mean less frequent DIY treatments.

Easy: You will have to find a time that works for both you and your exterminator. However, treatment can often be done very quickly.

Information: A good pest control company should be able to identify your problem quickly, and provide a solution for it. They will also explain in detail how they will treat it.

Effectiveness: There is really no comparison here. A professional extermination is going to be far more effective.

Warranties: Brock Pest control for example offers a 100% guarantee. If the treatment is not effective, they will take care of it. Only choose a professional with a good warranty.

What to Do?

Again, much depends on your budget, but weigh the matter carefully, as often highering a professional can save you money and lead to less headaches.