Help Your Lawn Deal With The Heat

Heat Grass

Protect your Lawn from the Heat

In Panama City and all of Northwest Florida, our lawns take a beating dealing with the heat. The spring time seems to be fair, with most things thriving, but then comes that famous Florida summer.

We all want our lawns and grass to look good, and be pest free.

It makes it enjoyable to enjoy the outdoors during these warm months. But, how can you keep your lawn looking its best?

Ways to Beat The Heat

Ok. Here is a quick list of tips and lawn care methods Brock Pest has put together to keep you loving your lawn.


Many think cutting the grass is just…cutting the grass. But how you mow your lawn can actually help it survive the heat. The secret is to mow high. Longer grass means longer roots which means more water. Try setting your mower to it’s highest level.


After applying most fertilizers, most of the nutrients are processed within about 6 to 10 weeks. These nutrients need to be replenished. A lawn that is “well feed”, will help crowd out weeds and cool the soil.


Moisture is obviously very important. Remember, that if your grass is long, it needs even more moisture and water. There are many different methods to watering depending on the exact climate, etc, but a general rule is that when it is real hot, water deeply but not frequently. This helps the roots grow nice and long.


Sometimes the grass just can’t take the heat. You might have to reseed throughout the summer with a seed that is breed to handle the heat better. This will help your lawn mature, and keep it looking green.

Hopefully now you are better prepared as the summer very quickly approaches the panhandle!