The Asian Cockroach, in Florida?

What is an Asian cockroach doing in Florida? Actually the species of cockroach is actually pretty new to the Southeastern United States. It is believed to have been introduced around 1986 in central Florida.

The roaches are about 5/8 inches long, and the adults are known to fly very well. Many might confuse the Asian cockroach with the more common German roach, as they look very similar. One quick way to tell the difference is to look at the wings. An Asian roaches wings will be a bit longer, and thinner.

How They Drive You Nuts

Nobody likes roaches. And since these guys are great flyers, they seem to be able to slip right in the house. Any opening that is available, these roaches will find it. You will know you got a few inside when you see one crawl across your TV or lampshade in the evening, as they are active at night, and attracted to light sources.

Roach Pest Control

Extermination of Asian roaches is not any different compared to German roaches etc. The only thing that can be a challenge is the flight abilities. Since they can fly so high, some say up to 120 ft, large areas of the home or property need to be treated.