Buying & Spreading Mulch

Spreading Mulch

Organic Mulch can Fertilize your Soil

How much thought do you put into the mulch you use in your flower beds, around shrubs, etc?

Mulch certainly can beautify any bed, fairly quickly, but there are some things to consider that will save you money, makes the job more enjoyable and even help the environment.

How Much…Mulch?

The general rule is one cubic yard of mulch will cover about 105 square feet, at 2 to 3 inches deep. Most mulch has the directions on the bag, but all seem to follow this standard.

Care about the Environment?

If you want to use mulch that helps the environment, one simple thing to do is avoid using cypress. Cypress trees are harvested from valuable wetlands from the South. Many in the south use pine needles instead, and we know there are plenty of those around.

Save your Money

Remember, mulch nuggets can wash away on inclines, so be careful where you use it. You can use organic mulch that will enrich your soil as well as make your bed look great. Try not to pile up mulch around the trees, this can actually harm them. Try different types of mulch, to see which one works best in your yard.

Spring in Panhandle is a wonderful time of year, and working in the yard can be fun. But hopefully these quick tips will add to the enjoyment, not contribute to the work!