Fire Ants

As the weather gets warmer, and you and your family begin to enjoy the outdoors, you may notice you have some uninvited guests to your BBQ.

Yes, fire ants are very familiar to us here in the South and in Panama City & Destin. Fire ants are known for their aggressive behavior. The attack anyone who disturbs their nests including animals, pet’s and worst of all…people. It’s interesting to note that 40% of people in infested areas are bit each year! That is pretty astounding.

Invading an Area

When fire ants come into an area, they do so with a great vengeance. They usually come in great numbers which actually pushes out the populations of native ants and other insects.

Fire Ant Facts

Ants in general are one of the strongest animals on the earth. They can lift 5 times their weight. Fire ants rely on their colonies to survive, so you will rarely catch an ant alone. They are a social insect and depend on their colonies for food and protection.

The red fire ant was accidentally introduced to the US in 1929. They were brought in on a cargo ship into Mobile, Alabama from South America. Since then, they have spread all over the country, even Hawaii!

They truly are remarkable creatures, but as mentioned, can ruin a party real fast, and can even be a serious health risk. We encourage you to take steps to reduce the fire ant population in your yard for the protection of your family.