Get Your Lawn Ready, Spring Is Coming

Crestview Lawn Care

Get Your Lawn Ready for Spring.

Here in the panhandle, we can’t wait for Spring! This area really comes alive doesn’t it?

We all can contribute to the beautify of our community by caring for our lawns and getting them ready for the Spring. Spring is about a month or so away, so we should have plenty of time to get the job done.

First Things First

In this article, we will just focus on your lawn. We will cover some other areas in the next few articles.

Removing Thatch

You will want to rake away all the thatch that has accumulated since the fall and winter. What is thatch? It is dried up grass, weeds, etc that is mixed in with your living grass.  If you don’t rake up the thatch, it can prevent nutrients and water from reaching the roots of your lawn. This will help new grass to start sprouting.


If you want to re-seed your grass for the spring, removing thatch is again obviously vital. If you don’t your seed will never reach the soil.


When you mow your lawn, be sure to cut it at the highest setting possible that will just trip off the top of the grass. A common mistake is to cut your grass short, so that it looks better.


Right before Spring is a perfect time to fertilize your lawn, and really give it the best chance to sprout new grass. Be sure to do some research to ensure you get the right kind of fertilizer for your lawn. Also, make sure you follow the instructions carefully, so you do not damage your lawn.

You see, not that much work right? If you are regular with these steps each year, your lawn will mature and grow more beautiful every year. If you need a little help, and you are looking for Destin Lawn Care, Panama City Lawn Care, Crestview Lawn Care or Marianna Lawn Care, you can always call Brock Pest Control.