How Do You Know If You Have Bed Bugs?

Don’t assume that any little bit mark on your skin is from a Bed Bug. The ONLY way to know for sure if you have Bed Bugs is to actually get a sample of the bug. Some have relied on medical professionals to diagnose bed bugs, just by looking at the bites. This should not be the only verification bed bugs. What doctors provide, are only suggestions of what MIGHT have bitten you.

Again, the best way to identify if you have bed bugs for sure, is to have a professional examine a sample of the bug. So how do you know when to take this step?

You Might Have Bed Bugs If…

You wake up with bites on your body, that were not there before you went to bed. This is the most common sign of bed bugs. You must understand that many look for bed bugs, but simply cannot find them. This is because bed bugs are so illusive, and hide very well. A trained professional will know where to find these pesky bugs if they are there.

In Rare Cases

You might see evidence of bed bugs without physically seeing them. They can sometimes leave fecal stains in areas where they are at. We know, that is disgusting, but it gets worse. These stains are actually digested blood from their victims!

As you can conclude, bed bugs are not a do it your self pest control. It takes a serious professional to diagnosis bed bugs, and treat an infestation properly. If you do not go with a professional, you could very well waste a lot of time and money.