Choosing the Right Exterminator

Destin Bug Exterminator

Choose Your Bug Exterminator

Is there a “Right” exterminator? Aren’t exterminators pretty much all the same?

Well…sort of. All exterminators have the same goal of removing unwanted gritters and pests from your home, so in that sense they are the same.

However, which exterminator you choose will determine the success of your bug removal and your satisfaction.

What To Ask

There are some basic questions that you can ask to determine if the exterminator you are considering is right for you. Ask how long the company has been in business. You can also ask the sales associate how long they have been at the extermination company. These basic questions will help you decide if the company is a solid one, with a good history.

Ask if the exterminator is part of the National Pest Control Association. This will tell you how serious the company is about safety, new technology, and the environment.

What to Check

How does the extermination company present themselves, are they professional? Check if their vehicles have professional lettering and branding. Check how many offices they have, and if there is one in your area. This would indicate success in your area, and a good ability to serve you.

Protect Yourself

Find out about what kind of warranties are offered. A 100% money back guarantee is the best. Your friends, family and customers of the extermination company can be your best indicator, so ask them for your opinion.

A little bit of research and fact finding ahead of time can ensure you choose the right exterminator for your pest control needs.