We All Want A Healthy Lawn

Panama City Lawn Care

Water is VERY Important, and a key to a healthy lawn...

A healthy beautiful lawn is something we all want. But having a lush green lawn in Florida is a real challenge.

There are several keys to having a great looking lawn: Feeding your lawn, mowing it, and watering it. If you are in the Brock Pest home town of Panama City, FL, you no doubt agree that our area is especially unique. We have temperatures that reach over 100 degrees in the summer, and drop down as low as freezing in the winter.

So let’s start addressing our 3 keys to great looking & healthy lawn:

Feed your Lawn

You must fertilize your lawn. Lawn’s, like people need food and nourishment. Often times, especially if you are close the beach, the soil lacks the needed nutrients for lawns to grow. However, careful attention must be given to the amount of fertilizer, the type, and the time in which it is applied.


Many find this fact interesting, that mowing can have an effect on your lawns health. How?

A Few Tips:

  • Don’t cut too much. Taking more than a 1/3 of an inch off your grass can actually stress it.
  • Don’t cut your grass to short. Cut it at the height highest for the species of grass you have.
  • Leave something behind. That is, leaving a some grass clippings can provide some fertilization to the lawn.
  • Stay sharp. Keep the blades on your mower nice and sharp.


This is extremely important with the Florida heat. Often times grass does poorly not because the sun burns it, but because the heat drains out all the moisture.

An irrigation system can go a long way in providing your lawn the moisture it needs. Irrigation practices however can often damage lawns. In fact, it is known to be the most common cause of lawn damage! There is obviously much more involved in these 3 keys to a healthy lawn. It takes careful planning , observation and possibly several tweaks to get your long looking great. It can be well worth it to consult an lawn care expert!