Protect Your Plants from The Cold

In Florida, you have to admit we have mild winters compared to other places, even though when we get a freeze here in the panhandle, it feels like the world is ending. Living in Florida, we enjoy our gardening and yard work too. We work hard to keep our lawns looking beautiful and lush. But, as we know, one good freeze can undo all our hard work.

Being aware of the weather is a key part of protecting your plants from freezing temperatures. In most areas of Florida, when there is a freeze, they typically give freeze warnings. So keep your ears open. If you are subject to a freeze, you should find these tips useful.

Steps To Help Your Plants Survive a Freeze


Keep your plants watered. You should also move potted tender plants inside. These would include young tropical plants and fruit trees like bromeliads.


A nice covering of mulch can go a long way. Mulch, along with moist soil helps protect the plant roots.

This is actually pretty solid protection for most shrubs that can withstand freezing temperatures. Don’t be sad if you some of your plants lose some of their tops. This is to be expected. But as long as those roots are protected, they will likely return in the spring.


When there is a freeze in our area, you know it. As you drive around, you see blankets and tarps on flowering plants. This preserves the blooms on azaleas for example.

After the Freeze

Resist the temptation to wash your plants that might have some frost on them. This quick change in temperature can damage the plant. After a freeze, remove the soggy damaged parts of the plants.

Dips into the freezing temperatures is just something that we have to deal with in our area. If you take proactive measures though, and add some nice fertilizer in the spring, your lawn and yard will continue to grow in it’s beauty.