House Plant Pests

House Plant Bugs

Keep your plants beautiful.

You love your house plants, they add a touch of our beautiful surroundings to the interior of our homes.

What you do not love are pests and bugs that that might live in them!

This article is designed to explain some of the most common house plant pests.

Most of the time, bugs arrive in new house plants. Therefore, one of the best counter measures you can take for house plant bugs, is to inspect the plant before you bring it home.

What To Look For

When inspecting your newly purchased plant, use this short check list to ensure your plant is healthy and free from bugs.

  • Check the leaves for any strange spots or holes. Chewed edges could also be a sign of pests, and for you to select another plant.
  • This seems obvious, but see if there are any visual signs of bugs on the plant.
  • Mildew or white dust. This is typically fungus and a breeding area for bugs, and a sign of an unhealthy plant.

House Plant Pests

These are the most common types of house plant pests and bugs: Whiteflies, Mealybugs, Aphids, Spider mites, Scale, Thrips, Fungus Gnats.

What Can You Do?

Icky. These are certainly things that you do not want to spread in your home. So, what can you do? A simple suggestion is to remove insects by wiping them off with a damp cloth. However, if there is an infestation in the plant, this won’t work. If you think you might have an infestation of bugs, it might be best to contact a professional. This is especially true if you believe multiple plants may be effected.