Health Risks Associated with Roaches

Nobody likes having roaches around, but often times, many seem to just “deal” with them or put up with them. In Florida, it is easy to get used to seeing them. However, it is important that you are aware of the possible health risks associated with roaches, and roach infestations

Are there really health risks?

Yes! Very much so. Cockroaches can cause a wide variety of health issues and concerns. They can carry different diseases and can cause breathing problems especially. They have even been known to trigger asthma attacks or cause breathing problems with any who already have a breathing disorder.

A shocking discovery …

Studies have shown that ONLY about ten percent of the population think that cockroach infestations can be harmful. That as is mentioned…shocking. That means 90% percent of the population thinks of roaches as annoying or just discussing, but not dangerous to your health.  This is simply not true. Cockroaches carry disease, bacteria and even viruses.

Don’t take the risk

You need to be aware of the potential health concerns of roaches. If you have seen roaches in your home, it is possible you have an roach infestation and your health could already be being affected in subtle ways. Don’t risk your families health, and continue to put up with roaches.

If someone in your household has a breathing disorder or weak immune system, please seek professional help from Brock Pest Control. We can review your situation at no cost to you, and make you aware of any potential health concerns and provide you the details on how we can clean up the infestation.