When Is Termite Season?

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Termite Damage, Year Round

You might be surprised at the answer to this question. Many believe that termite season has a start and end date every year. Believe it or not, this is actually not true.

These lovely little insects are active ALL year long, so constant protection is a must. You might say “I see termite winds and droppings more often during March and November)”. This is also true.

Termites are most visible March thru November, as they are more active in these months if you are in warmer climates. If you are in a cooler climate, Termites are less active.

The important thing to remember is since in all cases of Termites, they are active year round, and can be damaging your home during those cozy winter seasons when everything seems more peaceful.

A Termite Season?

We just said termites do not have real season, which is still true, but Termite Season is still considered March thru November because again, that is when Termites are visible.

The extent you see Termites, will vary greatly on your location. Here in the Panhandle, Termites are pretty visible during the season. Some even see the Termite swarms. Drywood Termites, set nicely in a warm home may not be affected by the temperature that much, and they will stay put.

Subterranean termites create nests. So they are often tucked away from cooler weather and are protected. Any temperature that is somewhat regulated, can provide a perfect place for termites.


A trained Termite specialist knows what to look for even in the “off season” of Termites. It is always better to have your home checked periodically, than have to repair costly Termite damage.