Are the Bugs Cooling Off Too?

Yes, as fall approaches we just love that cooler weather here in the Panhandle. The beaches and state parks are beautiful in Panama City Beach and Destin. Some say this is their favorite time of year.

With the summer heat fading, it seems all the bugs and critters are gone too. Though, “seems” is the operative word there…

Many believe insects simply die when it gets too cold, but this is not the case at all. It can be quite the opposite in fact.

Where are the Bugs at?

Many insects are in hibernation. Yes, insects can hibernate! Like little bears. Though, insects are generally not cute and cuddley.

Soil dwellers or wood dwellers start digging deeper into their surroundings to protect themselves. Think about the many insects that have hard shells. These casings also serve as a protection. Even insect eggs are designed to withstand winters and cool weather.

For those who do not hibernate they follow the same principle, digging deeper for protection. However, they still remain active.

These pests included roaches, ants, termites and rats & mice. Rodents can be a particular problem as they want to come inside your home for warmth and food.

Stay Protected in Fall and Winter

If you don’t like the thought of creepy crawlies in your walls and in unseen places during the cooler months, just simply maintain your pest control plan. Regular pest control maintenance goes a long way and ensures your home stays pest free.